Where can I get a Las Vegas Root Canal?

Root Canal. Just the name alone has made many dental patients feel apprehension about visiting the dentist. In truth, however, root canal therapy is an extremely routine dental treatment—a staggering 41,000 root canals are performed each day; and it is a highly successful treatment—in fact, root canal therapy is the most successful method of saving and retaining a severely compromised tooth from dental decay or injury. If you have a tooth in need of Las Vegas root canal treatment, there’s absolutely no reason to be afraid of visiting us at A-List Dental .

Las Vegas Root Canal

Root canal therapy becomes necessary when the inside tissues of a tooth become irreversibly damaged or infected. If left untreated complications inside the tooth can cause chronic pain, lead to an abscess, or result in the loss of the tooth. Root canal treatment involves removing the infected or damaged tissue from the interior of your tooth, relieving the ache and helping to save the affected tooth. The inside of the tooth is carefully cleaned, disinfected and then sealed to prevent any reinfection from occurring. Once your root canal is complete, the involved tooth is restored, usually with a filling or crown. The benefits of Las Vegas root canal therapy are manifold. Relieving your pain, retaining your tooth and natural smile, as well as your ability to chew efficiently are among the major perks.

At A-List Dental, we are highly skilled and experienced in performing root canal therapy for our patients. We use the most advanced techniques to ensure maximum comfort during your treatment. Your peace of mind and the health of your smile are our top priority in caring for our patients. If you live in the area and require a Las Vegas root canal, make an appointment with Hastings and his team. We offer compassionate, quality care for you and all the members of your family, right here, close to home. For more information, call today.

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