Where can I find a 89119 Dental Office?

Here at A List Dental, we pride ourselves in making exceptional quality dental care available to families throughout the Las Vegas area. As a general, family and cosmetic dentist, we offer a comprehensive range of advanced services designed to meet the needs of patients of all ages. From the fundamentals in preventive and emergency dental care, to leading edge pediatric, restorative, and cosmetic services for your smile, our 89119 dental office is an all-around exceptional resource for your continued dental care needs. If your kids are due for their next back-school checkup, or require urgent care for a toothache or dental injury, Dr. John H. Hastings is on standby to provide the extra-gentle, compassionate care they require.

89119 Dental Office

Here at our 89119 dental office, we strive to make your kid’s visits as fun, engaging and productive as can be. Our professional staff is sensitive to the needs of children and aims to make their visits to our office both comfortable and fun. With our preventive dental care program, we can provide your children with the foundational tools, knowledge and treatments necessary to establish and maintain excellent oral health well into their adult lives. With comprehensive oral examinations, we can screen for a wide range of common dental conditions. This helps to ensure that issues are caught early on, when they are typically easiest to treat. Because kids are statistically at an increased risk for developing cavities, we take special care to teach them the proper methods for brushing and flossing in a warm and encouraging environment. We’ll also teach your kids about the effects of a sugary diet on their oral health, and just why it is so important to maintain good oral hygiene throughout the year. As an added precaution, topical fluoride is applied to the teeth periodically to help shield their dental enamel from decay. Between the ages of 6 and 12, when the back molars come in, we also paint on dental sealants to smooth over the deep crevices and prevent plaque, food particles and debris from accumulating and causing issues.

When it comes to the continued oral health of your children, our 89119 dental office is here to help! To put A List Dental on your A-List for dental care, schedule your next family visit today!

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